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Virtual Infrastructure Management

 Discovery and inventory of virtual machines is essential to maintain security, and simplify troubleshooting and routine maintenance.  

Look for unified physical and virtual infrastructure monitoring

Virtualization is the technology of choice today, with SMBs to larger enterprises going in for virtual environments. Virtual machines (VMs) ensure better utilization of existing servers and hardware, better disaster recovery and business continuity, and can be easily integrated with the existing environment with minimal disruption. But the easy-to-add nature of virtual machines could result in complex networks where VMs are added indiscriminately – for instance, virtual machines meant for testing processes that remain active long after the tests – resulting in virtualization sprawl. In addition, many organizations have dedicated VMWare Admins focused on virtualization, and other IT pros have little or no visibility into physical to virtual mapping adding a brand new layer of complexity to IT monitoring. 

Proper virtual infrastructure management – namely discovery and inventory of virtual machines as well as on-going performance monitoring – is essential to maintain security, and simplify troubleshooting and routine maintenance. White virtualization vendors provide built-in monitoring console – VMware's vCenter or Microsoft's System Center Virtual Machine Manager, they are not integrated into your overall network, system and application monitoring console, which severely hinders triage and troubleshooting Instead your monitoring approach should be built around holistic monitoring for your entire infrastructure.

With Ipswitch WhatsVirtual you can monitor physical and virtual servers (hypervisors and guests) from one console. It all starts by automatically discovering, mapping and documenting physical servers and virtual machines, clusters, vCenter server, and VMware ESXi hosts and guests in your network. By harnessing VMware's built-in tools such as vCenter and vMotion, WhatsVirtual can discover and monitor virtual machines, map them to corresponding physical machines, and track VMs as they move across physical machines in case of system failures. And because it is also a WhatsUp Gold plug-in, you can easily trace the root cause of problems anywhere in your infrastructure. Get near-real time alerts as well as instant access to real-time and historical performance reports across devices, servers, applications and virtual resources in one single console so the entire IT team is aligned.

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