jul. 28 2009

WhatsUp Gold v14 – The Most Usable Network Monitoring Solution on the Market

Feedback from hundreds of customers reveals that WhatsUp Gold v14.0 and Flow Monitor 2.0 provide a solution easy enough for novice network administrators and powerful enough for experienced network engineers.

Lexington, MA –Ipswitch, Inc.’s Network Management division, a developer of innovative network management solutions, today announced the immediate worldwide availability of WhatsUp Gold v14.0 and Flow Monitor v2.0 (formerly known as NetFlow Monitor). With over 100,000 networks managed worldwide, this release of WhatsUp Gold v14.0 marks the most feature rich release since product inception.


“WhatsUp Gold v14 is not a step forward, it is a giant leap. I assure you that global customers and prospects will install v14 and react with excitement because of usability enhancements and powerful additions in functionality,” commented Ennio Carboni, President of the Network Management division at Ipswitch.  “The network management market has been inundated with companies, new and old, claiming to be the alternative to the Big 4 (BMC, CA, HP and IBM®). I see us as the recommended, viral choice for network administrators and engineers seeking low complexity, yet powerful network monitoring functions for their wired, wireless and virtual networks.”


Network management professionals want simplicity and need rapid results. With over 25 major new features, and over 100 new sub-features, WhatsUp Gold v14.0 directly addresses these needs by delivering decreased deployment time and increased performance and productivity. Major improvements to the overall user experience also free up time for network administrators, allowing them to focus on more important IT and business initiatives.


Reducing complexity through powerful features, including enhanced and much faster discovery, Alert Center, 13 preconfigured active and performance monitors and Critical Monitors (intra-device dependencies); the WhatsUp Gold product family provides networking professionals with more intelligence about and visibility into their networks than ever before.


“WhatsUp Gold v14 plays a key role in helping the Texas State Guard to accomplish its mission by providing greater visibility into our communications infrastructure,” stated Bob Miller, COL, GS of the Texas State Guard. “While always important, this visibility becomes critical during times when we are called upon to deploy during emergencies.  WhatsUp Gold will become our internal IT ‘force multiplier.’”


Knowledge of impaired network performance (i.e. bottlenecks) or security issues is improved with Flow Monitor v2.0. The additions of the new features in Flow Monitor v2.0 increase the capability to identify and quickly pinpoint misuse, attacks and bandwidth spikes.


Highlights of the newest releases of WhatsUp Gold and Flow Monitor

WhatsUp Gold v14.0      

  • Enhanced Discovery – up to 3 times faster and more accurate identification of  networked devices and their role
  • Alert Center – new consolidated view of device status and state from a single console
  • Threshold Monitors – performance and alerting parameters for critical devices and Flow monitors
  • Pre-configured Monitors – FTP monitor and File and Folder monitor are among the 13 new active and performance monitors that greatly simplify and accelerate monitoring of the most common devices and services
  • Critical Monitors – establish intra-device dependencies to prevent alarm storms when a device or sub-system failure occurs
  • Ability to discover, map, monitor, alert and report on IPv6 network devices


Flow Monitor v2.0

  • J-Flow and sFlow® – expanded flow support increases visibility into all traffic flows throughout the network including high speed switching networks powered by  Cisco®, Hewlett-Packard, Juniper® and other leading vendors
  • Reporting – three new troubleshooting reports decrease time to understand and locate issues
  • Role Based Management – increased security through control of user access to configuration and reports


Additional new features

  • 64 bit Operating System and SQL Server 2008 Support
  • Supported on VMware ESX, ESXi and Microsoft Hyper-V virtualized environments
  • Microsoft Exchange 2007/2010 Monitor  
  • HTTP/S Content monitor for synthetic monitoring


Pricing and Availability

WhatsUp Gold version v14.0 is immediately available starting at $795 USD (MSRP). The WhatsUp Gold Flow Monitor v2.0 plug-in module pricing starts at $1,495 USD (MSRP). A free trial of WhatsUp Gold v14.0 and the new Flow Monitor plug-in are available at http://www.whatsupgold.com/download.


About WhatsUp Gold - Know Your Network

Ipswitch™, Inc.’s network management division, the developer of the WhatsUp Gold suite of innovative network management solutions, manages thousands of networks worldwide. Built on a scalable architecture offering automated network discovery and network mapping, real-time network monitoring (including SNMP monitoring and WMI monitoring), and versatile alerting, notification, and reporting functionality, WhatsUp Gold provides intelligent and easy to use, extensive network management that goes beyond simple device availability and delivers comprehensive troubleshooting. Recently, Ipswitch, Inc. acquired Dorian Software Creations, Inc., the leader in providing complete, easy-to-use solutions for Windows Security Event Management (SEM) and Log Management for small businesses and enterprise-level organizations.

WhatsUp Gold scales from the small business to the large enterprise, and its functionality extends with additional plug-in modules: WhatsUp Gold WhatsConnected™ for Layer 2/Layer 3 discovery, mapping and visualization; WhatsUp Gold Flow Monitor and WhatsUp Gold Flow Publisher for network bandwidth utilization monitoring; WhatsUp Gold WhatsConfigured for automated Network Configuration and Change Management; and WhatsUp Gold VoIP Monitor for precise measurement of a converged network’s ability to provide the quality of service (QoS) necessary for VoIP. To learn more about WhatsUp Gold, download a free trial or to make a purchase visit: http://www.whatsupgold.com/products/download/