dic. 02 2013

Lantiq protects manufacturing data files and secures file workflows with Ipswitch File Transfer MOVEit

Semiconductor specialist selects Ipswitch File Transfer for simplicity, reliability and value

Lexington, MA - December 02, 2013 – International semiconductor manufacturer Lantiq has deployed Ipswitch File Transfer's MOVEit Managed File Transfer (MFT) system to secure the movement of global manufacturing data, and establish data-sharing and data workflow best practices with its business and manufacturing partners.

Lantiq is a leading fabless semiconductor company headquartered in Munich, Germany with employees at locations across Europe, North America and Asia Pacific. It manufactures integrated semiconductor products for carriers offering business and home network access solutions. It regularly transfers technical files of all sizes between partners, distributors and suppliers.

MOVEit is a managed file transfer system that is trusted by thousands of businesses to securely and reliably transfer millions of files, and to automate file-based business workflows.

Lantiq needed a file transfer system that would provide IT visibility and control of data file movements while providing a secure, easy-to-use, reliable solution that required minimal maintenance, user training and support. Lantiq chose Ipswitch File Transfer's MOVEit for more than 80 active users sharing over 1,000 files per day.

Gilbert Khoo, Lantiq IT supply chain management said: "As a fast-moving international manufacturer, we needed a solution that we could trust to do the job required, but was simple to use and would enhance rather than slow down our processes by securing and automating our file workflows. We needed a solid file transfer tool that would handle our data securely and reliably and a proven solution and was cost-effective. We selected Ipswitch File Transfer's MOVEit for these reasons."

Ipswitch File Transfer offers an extensive range of products and solutions designed to support enterprise application integration, streamlined data workflows and managed file transfers. With MOVEit, organisations like Lantiq can quickly and easily secure, automate and streamline complex workflows and processes, regardless of the protocols or network architectures involved.

"We see increasing demand across all sectors for MOVEit because of its simplicity, reliability and security," said Rich Kennelly, president of Ipswitch's File Transfer division. "In the manufacturing industry businesses are turning to us more and more to meet their specific need to protect intellectual property as well as other sensitive data, including customer records, business plans and financial information."

About Ipswitch File Transfer

Ipswitch File Transfer provides solutions that move, govern and secure business information between employees, business partners and customers. The company's proven solutions lead the industry in terms of ease of use, allowing companies of all sizes to take control of their sensitive and vital information and improve the speed of information flow. Ipswitch lets business and IT managers govern data transfers and file sharing with confidence and enables compliance by balancing the need for end user simplicity with the visibility and control required by IT. Ipswitch File Transfer solutions are trusted by thousands of organisations worldwide, including more than 90% of the Fortune 1000, government agencies, and millions of prosumers.