oct. 31 2013

Ipswitch Network Management Division Shares 13 Network Nightmares

Real-World Scenarios That Can Turn Any Server Room into a House of Horrors

LEXINGTON, Mass. – October 31, 2013 – Just in time for Halloween, the Ipswitch® Network Management Division today released the “13 Network Nightmares” that haunt networks and turn any server room into a house of horrors.


Knowing that no two networks are exactly alike, Ipswitch focused on 13 network nightmares that represent the most common challenges faced by systems and network administrators. These scenarios highlight the type of network monitoring problems that keep these often under-appreciated folks awake at night, while fearing the network troubles that may face them at work the next day.


“We see similarities between the fictitious monsters of Halloween and the reality of the network nightmares experienced every day by hardworking IT teams across the world. Their jobs don’t have to be this hard – they should be able to quickly sort out the source of any problem on their network, keep their users happy, and be more proactive to help move their businesses forward,” said Ennio Carboni, president and general manager at the Ipswitch Network Management Division. “Even though Halloween may be a lot of fun, mention any of these 13 nightmares to a network manager and you are likely to get a scared look.”


To check out the full list of network nightmares, and related network monitoring tips to keep them from happening, please visit our: Network Monitoring Blog.


About The Ipswitch Network Management Division

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