sep. 03 2013

Ipswitch File Transfer technology adopted by Transport for London

Ipswitch File Transfer MOVEit is used by more than 60 business units at TfL to simplify, secure and regulate workflows of critical customer data and financial information

September 03, 2013 – Lexington, MA – Ipswitch File Transfer, a provider of secure Managed File Transfer solutions, has won a contract with Transport for London (TfL) to help govern and secure business information workflow between employees, customers and external partners working together to manage the city’s transport systems.


Ipswitch File Transfer technology is used by TfL employees across more than 60 business units to transparently transfer files and streamline secure workflows to and from all third-party vendors, suppliers and partners.


Ipswitch File Transfer’s intuitive MOVEit solutions are easy to use and serve as an important feature as employees become more involved with critical business strategies, managed file transfers and data workflow requirements. The technology also allows for the automation and simplification of complex workflows, saving internal teams significant amounts of time.


As part of contractual obligations, Ipswitch File Transfer partner HANDD Business Solutions provided TfL with implementation and consultation services when rolling out Ipswitch File Transfer MOVEit in its on-premise data center. The contract also entailed HANDD Business Solutions working on site in tandem with TfL’s own operations team to understand the corporation’s setup and requirements. This relationship continues post-implementation with HANDD Business Solutions available as TfL’s first point of contact for regular support responses, architectural discussions and possible improvement recommendations.


Rich Kennelly, president of Ipswitch File Transfer, said: “Transport for London is a great example of a foresighted Ipswitch File Transfer customer that was first attracted to MOVEit to help secure file transfers for a specific project, but now trusts our technology to manage its secure file transfers and workflows across its business. We are delighted to know that TfL regards MOVEit as a business critical strategic solution.”


About Ipswitch File Transfer

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