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Ipswitch Continues to Educate Businesses Involved in Personal Data Transfer as GDPR Compliance Nears in 2018

Ipswitch Releases Infographic on 7 GDPR Protection Principles and File Transfer Solution Features Required to Ensure Compliance and Avoid Hefty Files

BURLINGTON, Mass. – Dec. 11, 2017Ipswitch®, the leader in easy to deploy, manage and use file transfer and network management software, released an infographic that outlines the seven data protection principles of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) that assure the rights of individuals are central to the collection and processing of personal data. The infographic also highlights the managed file transfer (MFT) features needed in a MFT solution that are required to meet GDPR compliance.

“Many changes are coming under GPDR, and as the date of enforcement draws near, we want all businesses involved in the internal or external sharing of information that might contain the personal data of EU residents to be ready,” said Kevin Conklin, Vice President of Product Marketing and Content at Ipswitch. “Ipswitch has been leading the industry in providing educational resources to ensure customer compliance including this informative infographic.”

The seven data protection principles outlined in the infographic include fair, lawful and transparent processing, data security, accuracy, accountability, purpose limitation, data minimization and retention periods. Ipswitch urges businesses to ensure their managed data transfer solution includes non-repudiation to validate that personal data is transferred only between authorized senders and receivers, encryption of personal data in transit and at rest, automatic file integrity checking, comprehensive analytics that provide required insight to ensure compliance and more.

The lowest risk, most cost-effective way to meet all seven GDPR data protection principles is a managed data transfer solution like Ipswitch MOVEit® secure file transfer. MOVEit integrates secure data transfer with centralized workflows, access control and audit logging. The result is fewer moving parts, which translates into lower risk to personal data and less time and money spent on managing and supporting data transfer processing activities. For a free, 30-day trial of MOVEit, visit: https://www.ipswitch.com/forms/free-trials/moveit

The GDPR sets a very high standard for data protection and applies to any organization that processes or controls the processing of the personal data of EU residents. One of, if not, the most far reaching data protection regulations in the world, fines for non-compliance are likely to be severe. Ipswitch is doing the work to ensure its customers around the world are ready for GDPR. For more information, visit: https://www.ipswitch.com/solutions/gdpr-compliance.

To view the infographic, visit: https://blog.ipswitch.com/file-transfer-features-critical-to-gdpr-infographic


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