feb. 05 2008

Ipswitch Announces Managed Services Offering Based On WhatsUp Gold

Leading MSPs like SDI Networks Now Able to Deliver Network Monitoring of All Critical Network and Windows Devices to End-user Customers

Lexington, MA – February 5, 2008 – Ipswitch, Inc., a leading developer of network management, today announced that its managed services offering based on its flagship network management product, WhatsUp® Gold, is commercially available and shipping. Using WhatsUp Gold MSP Edition, managed services providers (MSPs) are able to deliver predictive, service level agreement (SLA)-compliant network monitoring. Using the new solution, MSPs are able to meet one of the industry's biggest challenges: to demonstrate their value to their end-user customers. With WhatsUp Gold MSP Edition, MSPs can take advantage of valuable IT networking capabilities to proactively enable their customers to better control operations by rolling up device state status to a centralized dashboard or Network Operation Center (NOC) environment, engage in best practices and meet the evolving requirements of today's businesses.


"As a leader in providing best of breed and fully managed solutions, we're dedicated to working with the best companies and products out there," said Michael J. Knight, CTO, SDI Networks. "The new MSP product from Ipswitch is enabling us to bring a new level of impact to our services offerings. With WhatsUp Gold in our arsenal of tools, we're reinforcing our goal of bringing premier, cutting-edge tools to our customers so that they can use the capital they reclaimed from downtime and outages to streamline their operations and boost their profitability. The offering from SDI using Ipswitch as our network management solution is a win-win for the market."


"The market for managed services is very strong going into 2008 as customers shift their buying patterns from products to services," said Warren Neuburger, president, Ipswitch network management division. "At Ipswitch, our emphasis continues to be on delivering compelling products and solutions that can provide tremendous ROI to our service provider partners and ultimately their end users. With WhatsUp Gold MSP Edition, we are delivering unique capabilities that fit both the mid-tier and SMB markets."


WhatsUp Gold MSP Edition is the only MSP-focused solution that not only supports a diverse client base with a wide variety of network types, architectures and equipment; it is also a solution that is priced competitively so MSPs can achieve their business objectives, demonstrate continued value to their customers and enable their customers to enjoy strong ROI.


About WhatsUp Gold MSP Edition

WhatsUp Gold MSP Edition enables MSPs to offer competitively priced services that are differentiated by quality and responsiveness. Regardless of the level of service, WhatsUp Gold provides superior real-time monitoring and alert capabilities that enable MSPs to increase profitability, visibility and maintain strong customer relations. For example:

  • Provides immediate alerts whenever an issue arises, whether a threshold is reached or a crash or failure is alerting. The sooner MSPs know what is going on, the sooner they can take remedial action.
  • Establishes the MSP as a centralized network operations center (NOC), outfitted with secure dashboard displays that clearly map out the network assets of each and every client.
  •  WhatsUp Gold offers exceptional value and comprehensive capabilities without an inflated price. MSPs can charge clients fair value with attractive margins.
  • Enables connections between locations that can be made over VPNs where they exist or through an innovative technology exclusive to Ipswitch. Only changes in state are sent to the NOC, conserving bandwidth.
  • Requires an easy install (less than one hour) in each client location. The dashboard can handle a virtually unlimited number of locations and network components.


WhatsUp Gold MSP Edition provides a complete solution for MSPs to securely monitor any number of customer networks from a single central site. IP services, Unix/Linux and Windows server infrastructure, firewalls, routers and WANs can be monitored from a single secure console.


In addition to pro-active monitoring of their customer networks, WhatsUp Gold MSP Edition provides built-in reporting that demonstrates the performance of customers' IT infrastructure from a business perspective; including SLA levels, critical systems and the physical network. MSPs can leverage comprehensive reporting capabilities to create reports that depict the impact services have on a customer's critical business infrastructure.


WhatsUp Gold MSP Edition is priced starting at $2595. The product is currently available and shipping.


About WhatsUp Gold - Know Your Network

Ipswitch™, Inc.’s network management division, the developer of the WhatsUp Gold suite of innovative network management solutions, manages thousands of networks worldwide. Built on a scalable architecture offering automated network discovery and network mapping, real-time network monitoring (including SNMP monitoring and WMI monitoring), and versatile alerting, notification, and reporting functionality, WhatsUp Gold provides intelligent and easy to use, extensive network management that goes beyond simple device availability and delivers comprehensive troubleshooting. Recently, Ipswitch, Inc. acquired Dorian Software Creations, Inc., the leader in providing complete, easy-to-use solutions for Windows Security Event Management (SEM) and Log Management for small businesses and enterprise-level organizations.

WhatsUp Gold scales from the small business to the large enterprise, and its functionality extends with additional plug-in modules: WhatsUp Gold WhatsConnected™ for Layer 2/Layer 3 discovery, mapping and visualization; WhatsUp Gold Flow Monitor and WhatsUp Gold Flow Publisher for network bandwidth utilization monitoring; WhatsUp Gold WhatsConfigured for automated Network Configuration and Change Management; and WhatsUp Gold VoIP Monitor for precise measurement of a converged network’s ability to provide the quality of service (QoS) necessary for VoIP. To learn more about WhatsUp Gold, download a free trial or to make a purchase visit: http://www.whatsupgold.com/products/download/

About SDI

SDI Networks is an innovative systems integration firm who provides its customers with "one hand to shake" for all of their technology needs. Bringing best-of-breed vendors together with the industry's most talented sales and engineering force, SDI offers a suite of services that is second to none. While providing a consultative, "solutions-focused" approach, SDI Networks offers services that cover every layer of the OSI Network Model. Visit www.sdinetworks.com for more information.