feb. 13 2018

Ipswitch and Osterman Research Release White Paper on Preparations for GDPR Compliance as May Deadline Nears

Businesses Worldwide Relying on Ipswitch MOVEit's Advanced Security and Flexible Architecture to Assure GDPR Compliant File Transfers by May 25, 2018

BURLINGTON, Mass. - Feb. 13, 2018 - Ipswitch®, the leader in award-winning and easy to use file transfer and network management software, announced that the 18-page Osterman Research paper, "The Procrastinator's Guide to Preparing for the GDPR," has been released. The new European Union (EU)-wide General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) takes effect on May 25, 2018, leaving a short time to finalize preparations. Only five percent of organizations surveyed for this white paper, sponsored by Ipswitch, believe they will be "completely ready" for compliance by the deadline. The advanced security and flexible architecture of Ipswitch MOVEit® delivers the controls needed to assure GDPR compliant file transfers.

"If your business collects, stores, processes or transmits the personal data of EU residents, the GDPR applies to you," said Kevin Conklin, Vice President of Product Marketing at Ipswitch. "One of, if not, the most far reaching data protection regulations in the world, fines for noncompliance are likely to be severe. With much at stake, it is best practice to assure the systems, user authentication and encryption techniques involved in the external transmission of personal data are secure and compliant with GDPR. Ipswitch MOVEit Secure Managed File Transfer is helping businesses worldwide with GDPR readiness."

One of the more significant changes in GDPR is its global applicability. Whereas the earlier directive applied to organizations based on geographical location in one or more EU Member States, the new regulation applies to any organization - regardless of geographical location - that controls or processes data on EU data subjects. Complying with the GDPR requires both organizational and technical measures. Organizational measures include documenting data processes that contain personal data, risk assessments and the appointment of a data protection officer. Technical measures include the appropriate use of tools for classifying personal data, identifying and blocking data breaches, and encrypting or pseudonymizing personal data.

Further, every communication and collaboration technology and practice are impacted by the GDPR, including email, storage, managed file transfer, encryption, security, archiving, closed-circuit television, printer solutions, scanning solutions, media, fax processes, photos, paper-based processes and more. Organizations need to carefully evaluate each of their current solutions and vendors to ensure that they will be compliant with the GDPR.

MOVEit ensures businesses worldwide of GDPR compliance, providing encryption of data in transfer and at rest, non-repudiation, data integrity checks, integration with existing security systems and detailed logs of file transfer activity.

For more information on MOVEit, visit: https://www.ipswitch.com/moveit

Osterman Research provides timely and accurate market research, cost data and benchmarking information to technology-based companies by continually gathering information from IT decision-makers and end-users of information technology.

To access the white paper, visit: https://www.ipswitch.com/resources/whitepapers-ebooks/procrastinators-guide-to-gdpr



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