may. 26 2010

Eastern Michigan Salvation Army Standardizes on WhatsUp Gold to Support Critical Social Mission

Ipswitch, Inc.’s network management platform keeps vital network running smoothly

Lexington, Mass. – May 26, 2010 –Ipswitch, Inc., the developer of the WhatsUp Gold suite of innovative IT management software, today announced that its powerful network management solution has been implemented and standardized on by the Eastern Michigan Salvation Army to support 63 core divisions and 900 users whose mission it is to provide essential services to thousands of people in need throughout the state of Michigan.


Jim Vizzaccaro, infrastructure manager at the Eastern Michigan Salvation Army’s headquarters, manages the organization’s Citrix-based network with a small team of dedicated experts who understand that, if connections to the divisions fail, employees in those offices will not be able to provide food and housing to homeless and hungry people requesting social services.


Vizzaccaro relies on WhatsUp Gold’s proactive monitoring capabilities to fix network problems before they shut down vital connections to divisional offices. He also counts on WhatsUp Gold’s flexible, customizable reporting so he can set alerts at the level that meets his needs. WhatsUp Gold offers exactly the cohesive management from a single integrated console that allows Vizzaccaro and his team to keep the Eastern Michigan Salvation Army’s network running smoothly 24x7.


“Like most organizations today, we have been affected by a tough economy,” Vizzaccaro said. “The Eastern Michigan Salvation Army is servicing 75 percent more people today than 10 years ago, but our budget is 60 percent less. When times get tough, our requests for help go up. The employees of the Eastern Michigan Salvation Army depend on their computers to feed and house the poor. If our network goes down, people in need don’t eat and don’t sleep. To say our network is critical is probably an understatement,” Vizzacarro said.


Many of the recipients of service at the Eastern Michigan Salvation Army are military veterans who rely on the organization for food and housing. In addition, employees count on the network to process requests for assistance from any state within 200 miles of Michigan. Victims of floods, tornadoes and other natural disasters in the region depend on the Eastern Michigan Salvation Army to provide basic necessities during times of hardship.


“We trust WhatsUp Gold to monitor our 240 devices, each of which is a critical link in our mission to help people in need,” Vizzaccaro said.


About the Eastern Michigan Salvation Army

Founded by William Booth in London, England in 1865, The Salvation Army is a faith-based, non-profit organization dedicated to serving people in need without discrimination. In 2008, The Salvation Army of Metro Detroit was involved in providing more than 3 million meals and 776,973 nights of shelter for the homeless. The Salvation Army uses $.83 of every dollar raised to provide direct services to people in need each and every day of the year. For more information about The Salvation Army, please call 877-SAL-MICH, or visit us at and


About the Network Management Division of Ipswitch, Inc.

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